Araceli Poma’s musical proposals include, besides her work with the different traditions of Peruvian popular music, the thorough development of a sound and narrative script. Therefore, every concert offers the spectator a unique atmosphere.

Because, for Araceli Poma, every composition has a universe of stories: the story told by the song, the story of the composer, its context and source of inspiration.

This way, every song and every composition carries stories that deserve a space to be sang and told. Stories that are part of our own story.

Araceli Poma’s proposals offer a privileged repertoire that, without setting aside the most popular songs, rescues and shares compositions of great poetic and sound quality that have not been widely disseminated.

Volver [Coming back]

VOLVER is a Peruvian music concert that, based on a select repertoire of Peruvian popular music from the Andes and the Coast, it is inspired in the homesickness of Peruvians living far away from home.

VOLVER is a show based in the thoughts and feelings of Peruvian emigrants.

Format: vocals, guitar, charango and percussion.

12 Historias [12 Stories]

Each song is a universe travelling through time. In the repertoire of “12 Historias”, Araceli Poma takes a journey through the work of emblematic composers. Men and women who, with their poetry, left a great legacy to Peruvian musical culture.

Format: vocals, guitar and percussion.

Latidos de Costa y Sierra [Heartbeats from the Coast and Highlands]

“Latidos de Costa y Sierra” is a homage to the color and beauty of our musical expressions.

The proposal offers a select repertoire that travels from the sweetness of Quechua to the festive Afro-Peruvian rhythm; that jumps from the poetry of the old creole bards to the deep feeling of northern sounds.

Huaynos, Peruvian waltzes, tonderos, festejos, marineras and zamacuecas will make up a feast to enjoy Peruvian musical roots.

Format: vocals, guitar, flute, charango, quena and percussion.

¡Jarana con Sobretiempo! [Creole Party with Overtime]

Jarana con Sobretiempo is the stage performance of our creole tradition and feeling.

A family waits for their patriarch to celebrate his birthday. As he comes, very old Peruvian waltzes make the wait more pleasant, making us part of a real party at home.

Format: vocals, guitar and percussion.


Navidad Peruana [Peruvian Christmas]

Classical Christmas songs are adapted into traditional Peruvian rhythms.

The voice in Quechua and Spanish, along with the sounds from the Andes and the Coast, will make us live the sweetness and magic of Peruvian Christmas.

Format: Vocals, guitar, flute and percussion.

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