Araceli Poma, recognized as Cultural Ambassador, stands out for leading the production of musical documentaries that go beyond the simple capture of sounds and rhythms. Her dedication translates into the creation of profound visual narratives that revalue cultures, rescue traditions and transmit the richness of diversity. This commitment is clearly reflected in her documentary work, where each piece is an authentic expression of her passion for uniting communities through music and respect for cultural roots.


Heritage Journeys · Latin American Ancestry in New York


NYC, December 2023

“Heritage Journeys: Latin American Ancestry in New York” is a documentary directed by Araceli Poma and Ivan Cucho, created as part of the Heritage Ambassador program at the Brooklyn Public Library. This documentary explores how indigenous heritage has significantly shaped the Latin American identity in the city of New York. It gives voice to various individuals from communities with indigenous roots who are tirelessly working to preserve their traditions and contribute uniquely to the cultural richness of the city.



May, 2022. Lima, Peru

“The Reunion” marks the eagerly awaited return to the stage for masters of traditional Peruvian music after the pandemic. At the heart of one of Lima’s most emblematic peñas, this event not only signifies the revitalization of live music but also an emotional reunion with cultural roots. A production by Araceli Poma, driven by her deep connection to traditions, the musicians share not only their melodies but also the stories and feelings they have cultivated during this time, creating a heartfelt experience.



June, 2021. Puerto Rico

Just Play, the itinerant music documentary series, now brings together women artists to share their stories of struggle, music and culture. Guerreras Puertorriqueñas (Warrior Women of Puerto Rico) captures the spirit of resistance in a group of women percussionists, singers, and dancers in the face of natural disasters, political turmoil, and a pandemic.

This production reveals the diversity of the island’s talent with the stunning backdrop of Puerto Rico’s natural landscapes.

Directed and produced by Matt Geraghty and Araceli Poma.



It is an album and a musical documentary nominated for the Latin Grammys, which brings together a group of women artists from Peru—including Araceli Poma—who defy racism, sexism and marginalization in Peruvian society.

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